Success Stories

Success Stories


A young girl with autism, The Golden Parrot and the Magic Teapot shares two fantasy stories straight from her vivid imagination.

This illustrated children’s book offers two stories under one cover: The Golden Parrot and The Magic Teapot.

In the first story, friends Dora and Kate are on a tropical adventure. They visit a mysterious island of gold that’s blessed with a special golden parrot. A nasty pirate appears on the island and steals the golden parrot. Dora and Kate must get the parrot back so the beautiful island doesn’t disappear.

In the second story, The Magic Teapot, Grandma Anna lives by herself in a small, beautiful cottage. One morning, she is surprised to find her teapot dancing and singing. It even talks to her. Grandma Anna and the teapot became good friends. One day, an old woman knocks on the door and asks for something to eat and drink. Grandma Anna doesn’t know the visitor is a witch who has come to steal the magic teapot.