Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

1. Level 1 ABA Training Workshop2. Level 2 ABA Training Workshop
  • 1. Level 1 ABA Training Workshop

    • Basic ABA programs to run at home
    • Theraphy Materials
    • Token Board
    • Visual Schedule
    • PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)
    • Behavior Management
    • Light refreshments
    • Certificate of Completion
    Dates : 23rd June, 30th June and 7th July 2018 (3 Day Workshop)
    Time : 9am – 1pm
    45E, Level 3, Bangunan Bangsaria,
    Jalan Maarof,
    59100 Bangsar KL
    Fees : RM 1500 (first 10pax)
    RM 1900 normal price
    RM 2500 for a set parents (2pax)
    Materials : All material will be provided which includes:

  • 2. Teach your child to communicate, Develop, Speech, Play and life skills

    This workshop and training is best suited for parents/teachers working with children diagnosed with Autism, Speech Delay and related disorders, ages 2-6, verbal or non verbal.

    The workshop is based on Applied Behavior Analysis teaching techniques. ABA is an evidence based approach, and research has proven its effectiveness in teaching and supporting children with Autism.

    Participants will be provided ALL materials to start theraphy at immediately home, and programs will be provided as well to teach :

    -eye contact
    -speech skills
    -behavior management
    -PECS (picture exchange communication system)

    The workshop aims to teach parents to be therapists, and to run ABA sessions in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

    Contact 03-2201 1107 or email info@abcautism.com.my to book a spot NOW!

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Level 2 ABA Training Workshop

Dates : 21st and 28th July 2018 (2 Day Workshop)
Time : 8.30am – 1.30pm
Fees : RM 1600 (first 10pax)
RM 2000 normal price
RM 3000 for a set parents (2pax)
Materials : All material will be provided which includes:

  • Theraphy Materials
  • PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)
  • Light refreshments

Certificate of attendance, and Certificate of completion for participants that score 80% and above on the ABA skills assessment

21st July 2018 (Session 1):

Social Interaction and Integration
  • Introduction to Autism and ABA
  • Introduction to Tools used in ABA
  • Teaching early social Interaction
  • Key Skills that Foster Social Interation
  • Level 1 of Perspective Taking Deficit
  • Level 2 of Perspective Taking Deficit
  • Components of Conversations
  • Activities to Assists Social Thinking
  • Quiz 1(Based on contents from Session 1)

28th July 2018 (Session 2):

PECS and Programs
  • Level 3 PECS for Communication
  • Level 4 PECS for Communication
  • Introduction and Training on Level 2 ABA programs
  • Quiz 2(Based on contents from Session 2)