Education is a right for all

Autism Behavioral Center (ABC) is featured in The Star newspaper in conjunction with Autism Awareness Month. The importance of early intervention and support is highlighted in this 2 part- article, as well as ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) as a choice for early and intensive intervention.

EMBRACE AUTISM at Intermark Mall

Embrace Autism was held in Intermark Mall, KL from the 5th-8th of April 2018 in conjunction with Autism Awareness Month. This event was put together by DOME Malaysia, in collaboration with ABC (Autism Behavioral Center). This event brought together leading professionals that support individuals with Autism which provided free awareness and educational talks based on their specialties including how to identify autism, what is applied behavior analysis, how diet can support wellbeing and how to support kids with autism in a school setting. This was the first event of this scale to also offer on site free autism screenings.