Parent’s Name : Saunia Tahrim

Parent’s Name : Collin & Tina Anne

Parent’s Name : Krithika Chandrashekar

Parent’s Name : Hafiz & Khaliza

Parent’s Name : Inasha Shareef

Dear ABC Management

I am Kiyaans mother, Inasha Shareef. I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the excellent services provided by ABC. From the very first time I stepped into ABC to the last day. It has been a wonderful journey.

I am in awe of how professional and yet so open and caring the members of ABC are. As soon as my child enters the room everyone seems to know him. Not only the teachers who deal with him on a weekly basis.

As a mother we have so many stories to tell about our children and with special kids like my son the stories are even more. Every little detail or every little step they take is a whole story to tell. Jasmine as Kiyaans case supervisor has been excellent. Beyond excellent to be honest. She is able to recall every single thing I share about my son. Even I myself dont remember the stories I have shared and she comes and sees me the next day and says, hey about what you said the last time, you can do this and this and I am just in awe.

I have been to few of the Autism centers in Maldives and have come out very dissapointed. Though ABC was very expensive, (I have to be honest right), it was worth it.

From the classes at ABC to the home therapy sessions. I was explained very well on what was happening, what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided. I will forever remember these past 7 months at ABC and the help provided. Truely grateful.

Thank you very much once again and very kind regards.

Thank you. Hope everyone is staying in and staying safe.
Inasha Shareef
Proud mother of Ahmed Kiyaan 🙂

Parent’s Name : Eisua

Through Autism Consultancy (now ABC) ABA consultant and therapist incredible expertise, patience, and passion, our son has made great transformation that we could never dream possible. We had been with ABC for about 2.5 years when our son was 3 years old. During this time our therapist had help us turned our often angry little boy into a sensible and friendly little chatterbox. She also help us to prepare him for kindergarten and school. Something that was like a mission impossible once upon a time.

Our little chatterbox was successfully integrated into mainstream kindergarten without any shadow aid just 6 months after we started him with ABA. He enjoyed every minutes of his school and also excel academically. Now he is at year 2 in mainstream private primary school and continue to shine. ABA therapy made tremendous different in our son life. We doubt it that we would be able to realise half his potential should we not engaged ABA therapy during his early years. For that I am thankful and hope that every child diagnosed with ASD would have the same opportunity for them too is just waiting to be helped.

Parent’s Name : Md. Iz

We still remember when we first searching for ABA therapy center for our beloved son, Mateen, who had been diagnosed with autism at age of 2 years old. And gladly, we came across ABC Bangsar and we never regret the decision. The facilities and service are superb 10/10, staffs are very friendly and always in contact with us, and we definitely see Mateen’s improvement, even his Pediatrician is very happy with Mateen’s development. And now at 4 years old, Mateen is ready to continue his journey in a new preschool. We will be always grateful to all the staffs, especially Mateen’s team (Qavitha as supervisor and all the superb therapists). It was an amazing journey. To all parents that is searching for excellent ABA service, this is the center that u should be consider. It is really worth it. Definitely recommended.

Parent’s Name : Annice

“I thought to write a little story …. We came to notice some “strange” behaviors and differences shown between Jay Wen and his elder brother when he was at the age of 2. Jay Wen doesn’t speak and no eye contact at all then, most of time he will shout and yell to get/ ask for what he wanted and there are times he will hit his head on the floor/wall to show anger/frustrations. He liked stacking or arranging objects and can spend the whole day looking at it. We had engaged a home visit therapist prior to ABC, we see some improvement but not obvious and we have to stop after a year due to the expensive fees and oftenly the therapist called to cancel sessions due to personal reasons.

He was still non verbal (only short words like, “Yes”, “No”, “hi” and some mumbles that we can’t understand) before we engaged ABC when Jay Wen was almost 4 years old, Charlene assessed him and introduced us to Jasmine, after understanding Jay Wen’s situation better, they designed a personalize and focus program to work on specific target. After 1 week (we engaged 4 days per week, 2 hours session per day), and one night when reading story books before going to bed and Jay Wen told me “Mom, I am tired”, I was astonished! After 4 years, he finally talked to me instead of yelling and shouting at me!

Every month, Charlene, Jasmine and I will be having a “check-point” meeting to see the effectiveness of the mini programs went, they will add-on or continue to “fine-tune” the program. Jasmine, very structured, dedicated and creative person to work with and most of all, she is very patient with Jay Wen and looked in every little details in the program, I myself enjoy reading the social stories drawn by her too! Every day, I see a different Jay Wen, more words, more skills (button his shirt, tie shoe laces, fold a blanket, etc), even academically I see him able to read short stories, and write short sentences and doing arithmetic too!!

Jay Wen has changed tremendously for the 1 year engagement with ABC. With their help, we also get to work with another family, whose child is about the same age as Jay Wen to develop social skills in preparation for their school environment.

ABC is flexible, always provide good guidance and advice and always emphasis on focusing the objectives for each mini programs and never stingy to add on programs when my child is able to cope. With highly skilled and experienced therapist, we can achieve so much within a year!

Jay Wen is 8 this year, and now in year 3, he was awarded with bronze award for behavior in year 2 in his class and he has just passed his grade 8 Taekwondo from WTF, and he even won a bronze medal in Kangaroo Math (Pre-Ecolier category) competition early this year.

Thank you ABC, I see you as a family who always there ready to help. Thank you Charlene for your enthusiasm to create the awareness for everyone to see the opportunities in this community, and how much ABC able to make it happen and finally a big Thank you to Jasmine, who make everything possible for my child now.

Parent’s Name : Christine Poh

Highly recommended! Our son was with ABC for a year plus but we can see great improvement in him. From not saying many words to saying 2 words, 3 words and now are still improving. He now can label many items and he can even speak louder than before. He is now 4 years old and currently in a new preschool. The staff in ABC are all friendly, dedicated and well trained. We are very grateful to how they have helped our son. Facilities are clean and well equipped. Programs are tailored made to suit each child and therapists are all very approachable. One of the best 1:1 ABA center. Thank you so much to ABC!

Parent’s Name : Lydia Tan

My daughter was with ABC for 4 years. From a child that having difficulty to speak a single word to a complete full sentence.
From not able to sit still to able to quietly complete the tasks given. From not focusing to able to follow instructions given and etc. We can see she improved a lot during her learning in ABC.
We are happy with the service provided and truly appreciated. ABC has the well trained therapist and experience supervisor to take care the students. I would say that ABC would be a good choice.

Parent’s Name : Bianca

ABC was a life changing experience for our family. Our son showed a lot of development in his skills during his time in the center. We cannot thank you enough for all the work and professionalism.

Parent’s Name : Haaziq Ibrahim

My child had an amazing journey here since pre-lockdown. We came as a stranger to autism, not knowing what to expect and where to go. Audrey has always been super helpful with the logistics and ins and outs of the learning journey. She never had stressed out when we bombarded her with a lot of curious questions.
The teachers were amazing, dedicated and professional. They personalise all they could to help make it meaningful for our child. My kid would still remember the school till today.
We were trained, educated, exposed, and worked with our kid thru out the journey. He has now successfully transited into kindy and is highly functioning.
Thank you, bless you all. I’d recommend you to check it here, best support system we ever had

Parent’s Name : Worachet Pimthaweepol

Thank you so much for supporting my son’s transition to the new school and improved concern behavior.
I have seen a lot of improvements in Luth’s development especially on his behavior and language.
It was the big change for him and for me as well.

Parent’s Name : Krithika Chandrashekar

We have had the most wonderful experience with the staff at ABC. Ms Charlene is an able leader who has amazing, patient and kind teachers helping kids grow within their boundaries.
Ms Jasmine who helped our son evolve into an independent, kind boy does require a special mention.
The place is clean and makes one feel extremely welcome. Any parents requiring help for their children to be assessed and later requiring therapy be in speech or ABA, you are in the right place.
We are forever thankful to the wonderful team of ABC.